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With the evolving technology, online jobs are gaining more importance worldwide. It is not a hidden fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the economic lifestyle of the entire world. Within the duration of the pandemic, millions of individuals lost their jobs due to the national emergency and lockdown. When unemployment was at its peak, there was a growth of job opportunities from home. The sector of remote work is growing and the stigma related to work from home is being seen with a different perspective.


The perk of online jobs is that there are a variety of online jobs available suitable to their experience and interest. With the trend of work from home increasing there are ample sectors which can be utilised to use your time and make good money out of it.  Some of the key sectors dominating in the USA for online jobs are mentioned below:

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  1. TEACHING: Teaching is one of the most preferred online jobs. With the start-ups and individual online classes increasing, there is a need for teachers to teach students online. With this online teaching can become a major way to earn for those who are in remote areas and have great skills to teach students. From kindergarten to graduation,from fields in arts, science, commerce there are exciting opportunities to showcase your knowledge. Average hourly pay in this job is about $9 to $23, depending on the standard of students to be taught. Teachers who can teach english are the most required one. Pearson, K12, Panorama Education Inc. are some of the platform hiring for educators.

  2. TRANSCRIPTIONIST: Transcription sounds way easy right? Well it is and it is not also. In this job, you need to listen and write whatever that audio or video says . This work-from-home requires a lot of attention as mentioning the details clearly without error can be  a bit difficult. The job does not require any prior work experience and the companies hiring transcribers will conduct tests of your typing skills and grammar, and then pass a transcription test. The wage of your work depends on your transcription and your client. Your wage is expected to increase with your experience. Though it is not a very lucrative job, yet you can earn an average hourly pay between $10 to $25.
  3. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: Virtual Assistant is a job where you have to work for a company or business and perform a range of basic tasks like email management, scheduling events, customer support and administration. This work-from-home pays an average of $15 to $25 per hour. There are independent platforms like Boldly which are hiring virtual assistants or you can create your own profile for freelance jobs at sites like Upwork and Freeup which will directly connect you to your clients.
  4. FREELANCE WRITING: With the internet becoming the world of the people, freelance writing is one of the exclusive earning options. The freelance writers can work from anywhere. In freelance writing, you are required to have a niche of your interest and knowledge, to make users feel you and your written words with theirs. Content Writing, Copyright, Ghostwriting are some of the options in freelance writing. There are a number of platforms like Fiverr, Upwork where you can find jobs after creating your profile. You can earn $0.01 per word to $1, and it can increase as per your experience and talent.
  5. DATA ENTRY/ CLERK TYPING JOBS: Data Entry or typing is an easy work-from-home job in which you can work full or part time. There are various companies hiring employees for data entry jobs. You are asked to apply for the post relevant to your skills. In this you are also given training according to your position. There might be some job requirements from the companies like good typing speed, peaceful environment and good internet access with a laptop, PC or MAC. The average salary for a data entry clerk in the US is $15 to $25 per hour.

  6. SOFTWARE ENGINEER: If you possess skills of technology and on top of that have knowledge in coding, you can find a plethora of work-from-home opportunities for yourself. You can work part time and increase your credentials. There are various companies that require techs and you can be one of them. In this you can earn a good amount, if you are hired by  a good company like Amazon, Locuslabs with an average salary ranging from $20 to $60 per hour.
  7. CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE: Customer representative is a job where you have to engage with people. In the joob, you will have to handle customers’ inquiries through chats, calls, social media and email. There is a wide range of industries and businesses that require customer service representatives for processing memberships, sales and promotion. Though these online jobs are remote in nature, they might ask you to join the office after the situation seems normal. So it is advised to check the form before applying. It can pay an average wage of $10 to $19 per hour.
  8. CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR: There are various companies that are looking for claims investigators who can study in-depth online and data research to analyse the truth and legitimacy behind an individual’s unemployment or insurance claims. There is no particular qualification required for claims investigator, although the candidates with bachelor’s are given preference. They gather information from the insurance adjuster, claimant, witness to ensure that the insurance is not mended illegally for one’s benefit. The job pays an average salary of $15 to $30 per hour. Due to the boom in this industry there are also courses for criminal records and accounting for students at college level.

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These are some of the online jobs in the USA which you can do from your home. Before applying for online jobs it is advised to be vigilant while providing information and applying for any posts. There are also scams done in the name of giving online jobs, so it is important to look and research about authenticity about the job provider.

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