Should I study CSE at BITS Pilani or CSE at IIT-BHU?

By | July 21, 2021

CSE is an extremely advantageous course. The popularity of engineering courses has increased manifold in the last few years. You will find an engineer in every household these days. The increase in the affiliation towards engineering courses can be attributed to the preference of people towards technical courses.


Why should you go for CSE?

Computer Science Engineering is the most popular branches of engineering in terms of placement and career options. Top companies in western countries prefer highly skilled individuals from all around the world for the jobs of computer science professionals. Computer Science Engineering has a broad scope and will give you a well-paying job.


BITS Pilani or IIT-BHU?


Suppose you have been selected for both the institutes, congratulations! Getting into either of the colleges would be a matter of pride as you will get a lot of exposure. Both the institutes are old and have a reputation for honing the skills of millions of meritorious students.

The first thing that you should ask yourself after getting selected is, does it matter which college you go to? If it does, then you will have a hard time selecting between IIT-BHU or BITS Pilani. To help you decide, here is comprehensive comparison between the two universities.

  1. The infrastructure

Believe it or not, the infrastructure plays a vital role in deciding which institute you want to get. The campus of BITS Pilani is splendid. It is spread over a massive area of 990 acres and has lush green lawns. There is a lot of greenery on the campus, and the best feature of the university is the clock tower. The main compound of the building has a beautiful structure, and there are lots of open spaces.

In comparison, the IIT-BHU campus is spread over an area of 1400 acres. It has traditional architecture, and the surroundings are serene yet straightforward.


  1. The dorms

It would be best to take note of the hostel rooms as most of your time would be spent there. The hostel rooms in BITS Pilani are top-notch, and the rooms have the latest features. All the rooms are furnished and have proper bathrooms.

On the other hand, the IIT-BHU hostel rooms are older in appearance. Nevertheless, the rooms are well maintained.


  1. Fee structure

IIT-BHU charges 2.5 lakhs per annum, while BITS Pilani charges 3.6 lakhs per annum.

No matter which college you go to, you will get exciting placement offers everywhere.

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