What are the best GATE books?

By | July 21, 2021

Higher studies like M.tech after B.Tech are the most preferred option among engineering students. It will help you earn expertise so that you will be able to get an excellent job in any MNC. Most companies look for postgraduates as they are better equipped with problem-solving skills. Although you will get many opportunities after graduation, a master’s degree will increase your job opportunities and give you a placement in reputed companies like Google and Microsoft.


M.Tech is not an easy course. You need to pass the G.A.T.E. exam if you want to get your master’s from a reputed institute. After you qualify for G.A.T.E., you will be able to pursue an M.Tech from reputed colleges like IIT. But how do you prepare for such an exam? The competition is excellent, and you need to have exceptional skills to qualify for the review.


How to crack the GATE exam easily?

You will be able to easily pass the GATE exam and score better marks if you prepare well for it. The best way to do that is by studying from good-quality books. There are a lot of books available for the GATE exam that you can opt for. Here are the best GATE books according to different courses.

  1. For Agricultural Engineering

Concept of Agricultural Engineering, Mohanty Das

Soil and Water Conservation – VVN Murty

  1. For Chemical engineering

An insight into chemical engineering – M. Subbu

Essentials of Chemical reaction engineering – Fogler

Heat Transfer – JP Holman

Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics – JM Smith

Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering – McCabe, FPM, and MO

  1. Civil Engineering

Fluid Mechanics – RK Bansal

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering – Gopal and Ranjan

  1. Computer Science engineering

Algorithm – Cormen

Operating System – Galvin

TOC – Ullman

Architecture – Hamacher

  1. Electrical Engineering

Fundamentals of circuits – Alexander

Power electronics – PS Bhimbhra

Electrical Machines – Nagrath Kothari

  1. Geology and Geophysics

Geophysics – Telford

  1. Mechanical Engineering

Production engineering – Swadesh Singh

Thermodynamics – P.K. Nag

Fluid Mechanics – RK Bansal


Useful final tips:


Apart from all these books, you can also buy the ‘Higher Engineering Mathematics’ book by B.S. Grewal to fortify your mathematical concepts. Solve as many questions as you can from aptitude and make sure to go through practice questions. Appear for mock exams to get a preview of the GATE exam pattern. The review will be strict, but with the right preparation, you will be able to sail through it quickly and more effectively.

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